close up of standing water in basement, a potential breeding ground for mold or mildew growth

Can Standing Water In Your Basement Spell Trouble?

November 20th, 2020

Many houses in the north have basements, including those right here in New Jersey. The places are great for riding out storms and keeping families safe. Some folks have appliances such as water heaters, washers, and dryers in the locations. That frees up space in other parts of their houses for storage and whatnot. Other homeowners convert their basements into game, bed, or bathrooms.

Regardless of what people use the cellars for, if rainwater is seeping inside them, that can spell trouble in different ways. Hence, it is of the utmost importance for property owners to weatherproof their basements and keep issues at bay. It is now time to discuss several problems that can arise from standing water in a basement. Hence, curious homeowners should stick around and read on to learn more.

Water Getting Inside The Basement Can Produce Costly Damages

Homeowners can find themselves out of a lot of money in a hurry when their basements flood. All sorts of stuff can get ruined, from appliances to carpeting, drywall, and more, depending on what is down there. If individuals file home insurance claims to cover repairs, their premiums could skyrocket. Meanwhile, if folks decide not to file claims, they could be on the hook for out of pocket expenses.

The Structural Integrity Of The Home Can Be Threatened

If water is allowed to get inside a basement time and time again, eventually, the house’s foundation can become weakened. It can shift and crack. Floors inside the home may buckle, windows and doors might fail to open or close, and drywall cracks can form. People spend lots of cash on their houses, and the last thing they want is to watch them crumble around them. They don’t have to, though, providing that they stop the standing water from getting inside their basements.

Moisture In One’s Basement Can Cause Mold Growth

When basements flood, mold can become part of the equation in a blink of an eye. The fungus may not sound like too big a problem, but it can be. According to the EPA, molds have the potential to cause health issues. The symptoms of being exposed to the substances include but are not limited to…



Runny Nose

Red Eyes Dermatitis

Inhaling mold can cause people living with asthma to have severe attacks as well. Leaving the fungus as-is should never be an option. The spores can get inside air conditioning ductwork and spread throughout the home. There are plenty of over-the-counter mold remedies. However, not all of them work as good as they say. Additionally, tackling the situations alone can thrust you and your family into harm’s way.

For instance, if you fail to remove all of the substance or carry the spores upstairs on your clothes, you or your loved ones could fall ill. Thankfully, New Jersey residents don’t have to face these endeavors on their own. Instead, they can contact Meridian Foundation Repair and Waterproofing to schedule mold remediation services. The team will eliminate all traces of the fungus and make your house safe again.