A man performing home plumbing repair while lying under the kitchen sink on the floor

Common Home Plumbing Misconceptions

Common home plumbing misconceptions persist despite the abundance of easily accessible information on the subject. Despite the fact that plumbing appears straightforward from the outside, looking deeper reveals a knot of pipes and equipment that may be vulnerable to problems. It is one of the minor elements of plumbing that receives less attention. People invent all sorts of falsehoods that end up costing people money. Plumbing is a complex process in which a simple issue might turn into a big problem if it is not handled properly.

Plumbing problems can easily be fixed with a DIY procedure. You will, at some point, need to repair plumbing issues in your house. It is tempting to try and fix problems yourself in order to save money, but keep in mind that DIY repairs may cause serious issues that will force you to spend a lot more than you would have had you hired a professional in the first place.

Flushable wipes are flushable. Despite the fact that flushable wipes are not truly flushable, this idea has caused serious damage to numerous plumbing systems. Flushable wipes are not designed to break down like toilet paper. Because flushable wipes do not disintegrate like toilet paper, they do not readily pass through the drain when the toilet is flushed. Serious issues can arise when they flush down the toilet.

Boiling water can clear drain clogs. Even if you want to clear your drain, don’t even consider boiling water. It can melt PVC pipes and seals as well as break the porcelain. A plunger or a toothed drain snake is a better choice to dislodge clogs.

Everything works perfectly as long as stuff goes down the drain.  It’s not always true, but plumbing issues are frequently hard to detect. For example, leftover grains will accumulate and block the pipes. Therefore, make sure to use adequate water to rinse away the waste.

Water pressure regulators are reliable. Tools are frequently not accurate, so you should periodically check your water pressure for accuracy to avoid getting incorrect results. Floods and leaks are often caused by high water pressure, which can save you money and trouble. How can you do this? You may be wondering. It is responsible for the loud noises your toilet makes when it relieves pressure repeatedly.

Minor leaks should not be a cause for concern. Every little drop from your sink adds up and creates gallons of water. A leaky faucet will almost certainly worsen, resulting in more damage and water waste. Remember, a tiny drop may create a mighty ocean. Additionally, a plumbing leak should be fixed immediately upon discovery to prevent it from becoming worse.

In the event of a drain blockage, drain cleaners should be used immediately. Because these drain openers are available in stores, people often assume that they are safe. However, these openers contain harsh chemicals that may damage your pipes. If inhaled, splashed on the skin, or gotten in the eyes, these chemicals can cause serious injuries.

You can hire any plumber to fix your issues. Most states require plumbers to have a license before practicing, so it is mistakenly believed that all plumbers are the same and can handle any problem. Furthermore, plumbers are not equally reliable or skilled in plumbing issues, so checking reviews and ratings is crucial to detect red flags.


Common home plumbing misconceptions can cause serious problems if believed and acted upon. An important part of any house is the plumbing. Furthermore, crucial items require more attention and intention. The myths listed above are not exhaustive. By believing these myths, you may make the situation worse and even create new problems that you’ll have to repair. There are, nevertheless, other myths. Having a plumber do your plumbing work is critical. You might not realize it, but plumbing problems may be more than what they seem. A plumbing professional can inspect the pipes in your home to see if there are any issues with older plumbing. Before it becomes an expensive problem, you should address the need to upgrade your plumbing system. A skilled plumber can assist you with this.