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front view of house undergoing foundation repair

Wall Cracks And Sloping Floors in Keasby, New Jersey

A customer with a 3-family rental property in Keasby, New Jersey, contacted Meridian Foundation Repair and Waterproofing to diagnose wall cracks and sloping floors in the basement of their home. An inspection was performed by Bob Peters revealing major step cracking on the left side and right rear side of the home. The home is 52′ long by 21′ wide with only 4′ 10″ of clearance between the neighboring properties.


The scope of the proposal submitted was to install helical piers along all 21′ of the rear wall, and 25′ of the left side wall which would require 11 helical piers. In addition, we proposed to remove and replaced the rear concrete steps and install a new 6’x21’ concrete slab and 25’ concrete walkway.

Once Meridian diagnosed the problems, we contracted with a structural engineer to design the necessary repairs. Meridian scheduled the necessary inspection with the engineer, reviewed the plans before final print, submitted the drawings with the necessary permit to the township and attended all necessary inspections. The professional engineer plan concurred with the findings of Meridian.

In order to determine the soil type and quality, Meridian installed a test pier to relay the data back to the structural engineer. The test pier was necessary to determine and confirm the type of pier to be used, depth and number of piers. This approach saved the customer about $1,000.00 rather than having a geological boring completed. This test pier was able to be utilized as part of the foundation repair.

Due to limited access, Meridian used hand-operated helical drive equipment to install the necessary piers. All work was completed in 7 working days, right down to final restoration.


The foundation is permanently stabilized, all cracks above and below grade are filled with flexible cement, new steps and slabs were poured, and the customer gladly gave Meridian a 5-Star Review.

Object Leaks

Plumbing, windows, and other objects that are leaking can be fixed in combination with waterproofing and sealing. Object leak repairs tend to be a simple solution for wet basements.

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Basement Safe Drain/Sump Pump in Lincroft, NJ

"This process was easy from start to finish. Bob provided a detailed contract that was easy to understand. Chris W. detailed my questions about the construction process. The crew showed up when they were supposed and answered any of my lingering questions. Mike H.discussed a last minute suggestion/change "beforehand" and the waterproofing/drainage system/sump pump were installed without a hitch. Thanks all!"
Pat M. -Lincroft, NJ 07738

Foundation Repair in Toms River, NJ

"Meridian was very helpful and knowledgeable. They explained in detail how to help with my foundation issues. They showed up on time and their guys were respectful and neat."
Chris W- Toms River, NJ 08755

Basement Wateproofing in East Brunswick, NJ

"Meridian did an excellent job waterproofing my basement. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. Employees were helpful and very organized and got the job done!"
Maria G - East Brunswick, NJ 08816