black mold in room corner that needs mold remediation

Prepare Your Home For Mold Remediation

Finding mold in your home is very stressful. Mold can put your family at risk for a number of illnesses. It also damages your home and possessions. Fortunately, mold can be removed from your home with the support of a mold remediation specialist. Mold remediation is a pretty intensive process. Not only does it remove the mold and damage caused from the mold, the mold remediation expert will also put preventative strategies in place. This will ensure that the mold does not return. If an expert is coming to your home for mold remediation, here’s what you can do to prepare for the process.

1. Preparing Furniture

If there is any furniture in the area where the mold was found, do not move it. The furniture may contain mold spores. Moving this furniture may contaminate other areas of the home. The mold remediation expert will remove mold from the room and all the furniture. This is the same from home accessories as well. The best plan is to leave your room and possessions as is when the expert comes.

2. Preparing Clothing And Linens

Clothing, linens, and other household fabrics can and should be removed from the space. They need to be washed in hot water with your regular detergent. Then placed in an air tight, sealed bag to prevent contamination. Do not remove the washed clothes and linens until the mold remediation is complete. Here are some helpful instructions on how to remove mold from fabric.

3. Remove Pets And Plants

Any pets whether a dog, cats, or even fish, should be removed from the home. Removing them from the home will protect their health and safety. Plants should also be removed. Mold spores can settle on houseplants and in their soil. So you will also want to treat your plants to remove the mold. This is a great instructional on how to remove mold from houseplants. Make sure to speak with your mold remediation expert to identify the type of mold. 

4. Book A Temporary Stay For Your Family

During the mold remediation process, the home will not be safe to enter. So you will want to make sure your family has accommodations during the process. It’s a good idea to wait a full day after the remediation to return. It takes a full day after the remediation process to get an accurate reading on the final inspection. Coordinated with your mold remediation team for when it is safe to return home.

Preparing your home for the mold remediation process is pretty simple. When you work with the expert mold remediation team at Meridian Foundation Repair and Waterproofing, we’ll help you through the whole process. We will recommend what to do before, during, and after the mold remediation process. To learn more about mold remediation, give us a call. We’ll be happy to walk you through step-by-step so you feel confident. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide more information.