man with gloves repainting home foundation

How to Tell If Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Many people buy home without even giving the foundation a thought. However, this method can prove to be a disaster in the long run. Therefore, it is best to have an inspector come out before signing on the dotted line. The professional will be able to identify issues and report them to the potential purchaser. With any luck, this action will prevent a person from buying a house like the one in The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.

However, for those that already own a home or people who like to live on the edge and don’t hire inspectors, there are some signs that they may be able to spot that spell trouble. This article is going to focus on several of them. Hence, interested parties should stay put and read on to learn more.

This And That About Separating Walls

Wall structures are typically fastened to the home foundation. When a crack occurs, it is possible to notice a gap where the wall meets the ceiling. Then again, sometimes, the space can be found at the floor level. On some occasions, the facade or exterior of the building might even have a slight angle from the slab. Persons will also want to look for cracks in the drywall of the walls and ceiling. Nail or screw heads that pulled away from the sheetrock can also be tell-tale signs of structural problems.

Difficult To Open/Close Doors And Windows

When a foundation has shifted, it is not uncommon for windows and doors to become stubborn. Some windows may be hard to open, while others are seemingly impossible to move. Meanwhile, in some cases, doors don’t want to shut completely, or they won’t latch and stay closed. These can be signs that a foundation has shifted. It is notable to mention that if the house is new, the problems may stem from shoddy construction.

Uneven Floors Could Reveal A Potential Foundation Issue As Well

If a person is walking along and stumps his or her toe on a board or tile, something might be a bit off with the foundation. Also, when a lump can be felt beneath one’s feet under carpeting, a slab issue may exist. Individuals should keep an eye out for cracked ceramic tiles as they often break when a foundation shift takes place. Additionally, if wood flooring is out of whack in one spot but not another, there may be a hidden dilemma.

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