mold remediation professional wearing protective clothing while removing mold from a surface

Mold Remediation Professionals: The Experts to Call

October 30th, 2020

Perhaps you’ve smelled that telltale mildew scent in your home, or you’ve gone as far as to see mold creeping up the walls or other surfaces in your home. No matter the situation, once a mold presence has been detected, it needs to be remediated as quickly as possible. The typical American household provides the perfect environment for molds to thrive, and is filled with plenty of cellulose materials that the mold will need to eat, grow, and spread. By choosing to try to eradicate the mold yourself, you may be simply delaying the issue in one spot while mold continues to thrive in other areas of the home.

When choosing professionals for mold remediation, choosing a knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed company is important. You’ll get peace of mind that mold will be truly gone from your home, and not just lurking where you can’t see as it continues to spread yet again.

Why Choose Professionals?

Mold may seem like a non-issue. Afterall, there are over 100,000 different types of mold out there with more than 10 being considered extremely common in homes. Something so common must be easy to take care of, so considering mold a DIY project may seem like it must make sense. What most DIYers don’t realize is that mold needs to be assessed in order to be successfully eradicated, and only a professional has the ability to accurately assess the mold situation you’re working with. Once assessed, only a professional mold remediation company can use this information for a successful complete eradication. A few other reasons to always go with the mold professionals are:

Mold can be dangerous – While many household molds aren’t too dangerous, this doesn’t count for all, and it can be incredibly difficult to tell different species apart. Exposure to mold can lead to asthma, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, nasal congestion, headaches, and a plethora of other symptoms. Exposure to toxic molds may even lead to more serious health conditions.

Discovering the source of the mold – If you discover mold once, you’re likely to discover mold again unless you make some big changes to your home. Mold remediation professionals are able to not just eradicate mold, but link mold to its source, so you can stop mold from making its way back in later on.

Save on costs – Initially, it may seem more affordable to take on the mold yourself instead of hiring a professional, but many don’t realize just how expensive a problem mold can be. In products purchased, property damage, and time, taking care of mold by yourself often averages out to be far more expensive than calling in the pros.

Taking Care Of All Mold

Our professionals are trained, certified, and experienced in taking care of all common and uncommon household molds. If you suspect a mold presence in your home, a call to us can be just the help you’re looking for. To learn more about our mold remediation processes, contact us at Meridian Foundation Repair and Waterproofing today.