black mold on wall

The Most Common Causes Of Home Mold

While a basement flood is a big cause of mold growth, it’s not the only cause of mold growth in the home. There are a number of occurrences that can lead to mold growth in the home, and keeping an eye on all of them is your best defense against mold taking over. For many homeowners and property owners across the United States, spotting mold in a basement, crawlspace, attic, or any room of the home can come as something of a surprise. Afterall, if you’re not aware of a moisture presence, you’re likely not aware that you have the perfect environment for mold growth to thrive and spread.

Breaking Down The Common Causes Of Home Mold Growth

In order to best protect your home from mold, it’s important to break down the many sources that can lead to mold in any sort of property. The most common causes of mold growth in homes and businesses of any area are:

Consistent humidity – When you go from a dry room to a humid room, you’re like to feel it immediately. However, what happens when an area of your home or business is always humid? In these instances, you may not realize the humidity is as high as it may be. Rooms like interior bathrooms or other regions of the home that see a constant state of humidity are highly susceptible to rapid mold growth.

Leaky roofs – Many homeowners don’t spend a great deal of time in their attic, but perhaps they should. When roofs have small leaks, these bits of water and moisture really add up, leading to mold growth that might not be spotted until it’s really begun to spread. Just as often you check basements, pipes under cabinets, and bathrooms, you should also check your attic for mold growth.

Damp clothing – If you take out a load of laundry with every intention to hang it outside to dry, you forget that clothing in the laundry room, and that clothing is allowed to sit damp for 24 hours or more, you could be creating a perfect mold environment. It’s important to take care of wet clothing as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Leaky or moist air conditioning system – While it may be a while before you need to consider your air conditioning unit, there is no better time to have it serviced than in the off-season. Air conditioning units are notorious for accumulating moisture, and can begin to grow mold inside of the unit. When mold grows inside, spores will then be pushed through the air all over your home. If you have sudden mold growth with no known place of moisture, it may be time to inspect your full air conditioning system.

Remediate Mold With The Pros

Mold might seem easy to clean up, but chances are you’re only scratching the surface. When it comes to mold, it’s important to allow the professionals to do what they do best. If you suspect mold growth in any part of your home, contact us at Meridian Foundation Repair and Waterproofing today