Removal of mold from wall with spray and brush

Why Mold Removal Is Important

The villain of every home isn’t that monster living underneath your kids’ bed they keep talking about. It’s the mold that grows and grows the more you try to ignore it.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that comes in different colors, namely black, white, green, purple, and orange. They thrive in moist places and reproduce through lightweight spores that are easily carried by airflow.

The thing you have to remember about molds is that they are normal. You’re exposed to them every day. Molds tend to be harmless, but only in small amounts.

In big quantities, mold causes biodegradation of various materials. This is what you see when food spoils. Mold is an unsightly mess, and it often smells bad. More importantly, it can be detrimental to your home and to your and your family’s health.

Why Is Mold Dangerous?

Mold moves fast. Unless you’re able to find the source of moisture, mold will continue growing and spreading at a rapid pace. Mold eats organic material, and it will devastate your living space until everything rots and falls apart.

Repairing and replacing damaged materials can be expensive. So unless you call a mold remediation crew, chances are, the mold will just keep flourishing.

Aside from property damage, mold can also attack your health. Exposure to it can leave you with itchy eyes, a bleeding nose, and severe coughing. It will also be harder for you to breathe. As mold grows in your home, you may even experience more serious symptoms such as headaches, chronic fatigue, and memory problems. Mold is especially damaging to people suffering from pulmonary disease or asthma.

Can I DIY It?

You can do mold removal by yourself, but this will only be efficient if you recognize the first signs of mold growth. This can help prevent its development. Do-it-yourself mold removal is more often than not incomplete and only temporary.

When the affected area is large and if you don’t have any appropriate tools or knowledge to fight the mold off on your own, it’s time to call a professional mold remediation crew.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Mold Remediation Company

A professional mold remediation team knows everything about mold. They will know how to solve your problems efficiently as they can find the mold, be it visible or hidden, on your property. They can determine the source of the mold and eliminate it. They also have the proper equipment to remove molds from clothes, walls, wood, and other surfaces.

A well-trained crew will be able to prevent future mold growth by removing water-damaged and mold-infested materials, replacing them if the damage is severe, and applying special products that will prevent mold from developing in those places again.

Aside from offering those services, mold remediation experts clean and disinfect furniture, carpets, walls, and other personal items. They will also filter the air and clean the premises rigorously to get rid of any remaining debris and spores.

Mold can be tricky, so let the professionals handle it for you. Contact Meridian Foundation Repair and Waterproofing today.